Retirement Benefits Calculator
Calculator Limitations

     This program is intended as an educational tool only and was created to provide you with estimated financial information upon which to develop basic investment and retirement strategies.   The results provided should be considered approximations of any benefits or value and may not reflect the actual amount you will receive when you retire or enter the DROP.   These estimates are only as good as the information (i.e. service, earnings, etc.) you provide.   (NOTE:  This program will not accurately calculate the DROP and PAW for those members who receive multiple service credit).   If you are within one year of retirement or participation in the DROP, please request a written estimate from the Member Services Section for a more accurate figure. Please be aware the reduced benefit calculation component is still under construction at this time.

     The information provided is general in nature and is not a complete statement of the laws or administrative rules and should not be taken as final legal authority. The Retirement System laws, together with the collective bargaining agreements and applicable federal and state laws, control and govern your rights and benefits and shall have precedence in the event of a conflict with the information or results provided herein.

     When you run this program you will enter data about yourself and transmit it across the Internet.   The program does not store the data nor does it intentionally transmit it to other individuals.   However, this is not a secure site and there is a chance that any data that you enter may be viewed by others.  

     By clicking on the Next button below, you indicate that you understand these limitations, accept them, and desire to run the program.
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